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A glimpse into my mind – patterns, stories, & life’s lessons.

  • Gratitude

    The new year usually starts with resolutions but I prefer to start my year with gratitude for the year gone by. As the past two years have been particularly tough for the world at large, it is good to be grateful for what we have. A simple definition of gratitude that comes from psychology research […]


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  • Christmas Flower Square

    Though I have spent most of 2021 testing patterns and working on commissions, I managed to design in the second half of the year. In the last month, patterns for two squares, a coaster, a towel topper and a hat are all done – with some awaiting release. When I read about the Love and […]

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  • Twinkling Lights

    Christmas has always been a big celebration for me- more to do with the joy of family time than anything else. Growing up we always spent Christmas together as a family. It meant a grand meal and decorations including a real live Christmas tree. When I had my own family, we started out with a […]

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  • The significance of 12th December

    12th December 1954 was the start of a legacy that has spread across oceans and grown into a family of over 20. My parents Aban and Rashid got married on that day. They brought us five children into the world and gave us the strongest roots anyone could have. In a coincidence of sorts, my […]

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Dina Sengupta – educationist, crocheter, mother. All things crafty

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