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The significance of 12th December

12th December 1954 was the start of a legacy that has spread across oceans and grown into a family of over 20. My parents Aban and Rashid got married on that day. They brought us five children into the world and gave us the strongest roots anyone could have. In a coincidence of sorts, my children have the same initial syllables and it gave rise to the name AARA. What better day to launch my blog- my long awaited dream – on this very day, commemorating 67 years of togetherness, had they been on this earth.

Being the only girl amongst five siblings and the first girl to be born after a 100 years, I am asked if I was spoilt. I try to answer that with a no, but I must admit I was a little bit. But that did not deter me learning and being taught the value of hard work and using my own two hands. I was taught that as long as my hands and feet work, there was nothing I could not do.

I am a qualified educationist specialising in teaching children below the age of 8. I was running a day-care/pre-school for over 30 years but the pandemic brought many changes including having to close down my centre. It has given a push to develop my skills in another direction and take up crafting with little more seriousness.

I have many thoughts that run through my head and have wanted a place to put them down and share them with the world. Some might resonate with you and some may not. Whichever way you go, I am always happy to have your views.


6 responses to “The significance of 12th December”

  1. I am thrilled that you have finally decided to blog. Looking forward to your posts.🥰🤗

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  2. Nadir Jon Minocher Avatar
    Nadir Jon Minocher

    Great to see this … looking forward to more … especially since I missed many years of your younger life … mmm… go Dina go 😍

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  3. Hamsila samuel rajan Avatar
    Hamsila samuel rajan

    Waiting for more stories… ❤


  4. Wonderful idea, Dina! Shall await more posts with interest.

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  5. I have always loved everything you did, I’ll be looking forward to reading your blog , regularly!


  6. Just realized that I haven’t left a comment here!!! Loved reading the significance and waiting to read more:)


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